What are the upcoming trends in customer service chat support in 2019?

Globally, companies unanimously agree that customer service is a crucial factor for business growth. Businesses are expected to be abreast with the latest customer service technology trends. The fundamental pillars for effective and radiant customer service and allied chat support are a systematized upgradation of settled technology, data, and operations.

The three major chat support services, trends are:

  • Customer service accessible any time and anywhere.via diversified collaterals.
  • Apt Automation to streamline the multiple support channels under one scrutiny platform.
  • Customer Service managed via automation should exist in a simpler mode for further amendments and alterations.

The onset of the year 2019 churns out the enumerated upcoming chat support services, trends that can significantly impact your business horizon.

  • Omnichannel Support: Omnichannel service is a new branch of upcoming trends in customer service. The days are left away in the past where there were only two ways of contacting a particular company either through phone or through fax. Today the present scenario succumbs to diverse channels and mediums comprising a phone, email, live chat, SMS and most importantly the Social Media.

This omnipresence of a company and its customer service alternatives is a big boon to the lead generation chat support India consultants and agents.

  • Real-time customization via video and voice chat: The technology advancement and vital marketing strategies offer varied ways to establish connectivity with the end user of the customer. It assists them in conversing with the product/service transparently.

Highlights of Real-time –support:

  • Immediate customer queries and problem resolution.
  • Time-saving Mechanism.
  • Accelerates Sales conversion.
  • Easy-to-use methodology.
  • Induces customer-engagement and satisfaction.
  • Hooks on higher traffic to the default medium.


  • Extended support through chatbots:

The continual advent of customer care bots or chatbots empowers organizations to offer a gateway which is round the clock support in its peculiar nature via automated replies that instantly assist the customer to identify and sort out the technical default. Ignited with automated work-flows and AI, chatbots fuel round the clock self-service action.

The maneuver of chatbots will certainly curtail the business costs by $8 billion by 2022 as opined by the CNBC Report.

The prominent Bottom-line:

In view of these upcoming viral trends, a business with customer-centric vision stays on the show for a long time. The X factors are the tools and technologies instilled in the customer chat support regime thus enabling and envisaging the paradigm of customer service as a whole in its truest sense.

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